We believe that working as a driving instructor is an incredibly rewarding job. You get to help people take a big step in their lives. People never forget their driving instructors, they will always remember you as the person who got them through their test.
We don’t think you should have pay ridiculously high franchise fees to have that role. We believe in an affordable franchise with great opportunities. We invest in your future so that you can truly enjoy your career.

No hidden fees

We don’t have any hidden fees, we promise! The only fee you incur to work with County Learners is a weekly franchise fee. There schools out there, without naming names, that will charge you set up fees or inflated franchise costs for the first couple of months… We don’t. Your first week is free, thereafter you simply pay our low franchise fee and we supply you with everything that you need to succeed.

Free advertising

One of the hardest parts about being a self employed driving instructor is getting yourself known. We know what it’s like. We also know that it can be expensive. That’s why we offer you free top box and side magnetics to help advertise County Learners, which will in turn help us supply you with more pupils.
Further to our magnetics advertisements, our website is fully optimised for search engines to find us and direct potential pupils to our booking system. The advertisements that you see you on Google are also payable by us rather than you – there really are no costs incurred by yourselves!

Low franchise fee

Some schools ask for franchise fees in excess of £200 per week. You won’t find that with us. Our franchise fee is £65 per week and covers all that you need. When you start working with us, your first week is free and you can start earning straight away. This fee can be reduced by referring other ADIs to work with us as well, see the referrer discount section for more information on this.

Referrer discount

As you may have worked out by now, our £65 a week franchise fee equates to £3,380 per year. How would you like to reduce this figure? We are always looking to expand, so if you refer fellow ADIs to work with us, we will reward you! Our referral structure is as follows:

1 ADI = £10 weekly discount
2 ADIs = £20 weekly discount
3 ADIs = £30 weekly discount
4 ADIs = £40 weekly discount
5 ADIs = £65 weekly discount

So just 5 referred ADIs means that you earn an extra £3,380 per year. No brainer huh?

Four weeks free

You shouldn’t be paying franchise fees when you’re on holiday should you? We give each of our instructors four weeks franchise fee free per year. We wouldn’t let ourselves live with the shame if we charged you for the entire year whilst you’re sitting on a beach somewhere for a week!

Managed diary

We use an online booking system to help us manage all of our instructor’s diaries. Our system notifies you of new bookings by email and to ensure you’re aware of your busy schedule you can view your calendar with an app that works on Android or iOS devices. You can use this app to block out busy periods so that we know when you’re not available or you can add your own bookings and we will ensure that you’re not double booked.

Manage your business

We know it can be hard to keep on top of your business income and expenditure, so we’ve worked with an Excel developer to produce a brilliantly easy to use bookkeeping template. This will help decrease your accountancy bills each year.

You can earn up to...


  • Be your own boss
  • Choose your hours
  • Work locally
  • Enjoy yourself
  • Rewarding job
  • Low franchise fee
  • Lots more benefits...